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Museum of unique technology ”Myshkinsky Samokhod” description and photo - Russia - Central district: Myshkin

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Museum of unique technology

Museum of unique technology "Myshkinsky Samokhod" description and photo - Russia - Central district: Myshkin. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Museum of unique technology "Myshkinsky Samokhod" has a rich collection of agricultural, cars, trucks, and motorcycles, including the pre-war "lorry", and the wartime worker ZIS-5, and "Russian black funnel" and a front-line ally - VILLIS and others. The technique is presented here very. Differently, you can even see the river ships. There is also a lot of unusual technology: a steam locomotive, an aircraft turbine, a sausage and lemonade machines of the 19th century. Many of the exhibits presented in the museum can be touched. Some can be seen in action, and some you can even experience yourself - sitting behind the wheel and levers, ordering a demonstration of cars in action.

The Museum of Unique Technology received its status and name in 2005. This event was preceded by a difficult and detailed work on the creation and restoration of funds, which today constitute a unique and multifaceted collection of evidence of engineering development.
The collection of exhibits, which later served as the basis for the formation of the Museum of Technology collection, began Nikolai Vladimirovich Lushin in 1996 on the Myshkin National Museum. This initiative was supported by the council of founders of the Myshkin Local History Club of the People's Museum.

In 1998, the collection was named an "exposition of ancient technology." At that time, it consisted of 80 storage units, including seven retro vehicles. The exposition of technology organically supplemented the collection of the Myshkin National Museum. In the same year, a festival of retro technology called "Samokhod" was held.

Informing the exposition, public employees of the museum during search expeditions found and rescued many future exhibits in Yaroslavl and neighboring regions. He later allowed to create the only museum of unique technology in the Yaroslavl region, which widely presents the history of technology, from agricultural units and cars to telecommunication devices and river vessels.

In 2001, the collection of unique technology was officially registered as a structural subdivision of the people's museum, old technique. "At this time, the collection consisted of about 150 exhibits. Especially in these years, the collection of telecommunication devices and old household appliances (radios, phones, televisions, etc.). The favorite direction of the museum staff was auto and motor vehicles. As part of the celebration of the city day, interregional festivals of retro technology are regularly held. At this time, a circle of retro technology lovers was organized, which became an unofficial club. Volunteers from Yaroslavl and Rybinsk constantly come here, local youth also participate.

In 2005-2006, there was a real breakthrough in the activities of "Samokhod". Museum staff actively participated in local and regional events. On the occasion of the Victory's 60th anniversary, a parade of front-line equipment was held, in which more than a dozen wartime vehicles with their drivers in military uniform of that time participated. They participated in the entire festive program, adding color to it. The 7th festival of retro technology Samokhod was also held under the sign of the Victory's 60th anniversary.

Since 2006, the active construction of the Museum of Technology buildings has begun to accommodate technical expositions. In the same year, retro technology took part in Yaroslavl's two events: in the ceremonial graduation of officers of the military financial and economic institute and the "Auto-separation in Levtsovo," where the museum presented auto and motor vehicles of 1940-50. We also recommend reading: Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park Description And Photos - Australia: Kangaroo Island

A significant event in the museum's life was the participation in the eighth festival of retro technology, which was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the National Museum, in which more than 30 pieces of equipment from 4 regions participated.

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Topic: Museum of unique technology ”Myshkinsky Samokhod” description and photo - Russia - Central district: Myshkin.Museum of unique technology ”Myshkinsky Samokhod” description and photo - Russia - Central district: Myshkin

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