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Iztaccihuatl description and photos - Mexico

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Iztaccihuatl description and photos - Mexico

Iztaccihuatl description and photos - Mexico. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Iztaccihuatl.

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The Istaxihuatl volcano, or Istacihuatl, is an extinct volcano in the Mexican highlands, 5286 m high. The snow on its peaks never melts, this gave rise to the name: "Istaxihuatl" in translation from the language Nahuatl means White Woman. For simplicity of pronunciation, the mountain is often called simply Ista. Next to it is another volcano - Popocatepetl.

Istaxihuatl lies in the southeast, 70 kilometers from Mexico City.

Ista has four peaks, in outlines similar to the head, chest, knees and the feet of a sleeping woman. The highest of the peaks - Pecho rises up to 5230 meters above sea level.

In 1889, there was the first ascent to the top of the giant. In subsequent expeditions on the slopes of Ista, household items of the Aztecs were discovered, which suggests that that the Indians have conquered the summit more than once.

Local residents have associated many fascinating legends with Ista. One of them tells about the unhappy love of a princess, whose evil father sent her groom to war, believing that the warrior would not return, but he went through the war. But by that time, his beloved had already been promised to another. Unable to withstand the decision of her father, the girl committed suicide. The warrior, not seeing his future life without his beloved, also laid hands on himself. The lovers struck the god of love, and he turned them into the volcanoes Ista and Popo, which are inseparable to this day.

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