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Volcan Calbuco description and photos - Chile: Puerto Montt

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Volcan Calbuco description and photos - Chile: Puerto Montt

Volcan Calbuco description and photos - Chile: Puerto Montt. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Volcan Calbuco.

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Calbuco Volcano is an active but temporarily dormant volcano located between the shores of Lake Llanquihue and Lake Chapo in the Llanquihue National Reserve in the Andes in southern Chile at an altitude of 2015 m above sea level and rises above the neighboring peaks at 1500 m. The name of the volcano Calbuco in the language of the Mapuche Indians means `` blue water ''.

Geologists who have studied the volcano for many decades believe that the Calbuco volcano is dangerous, with great destructive potential. It is located about 30 km from large inhabited cities located at the foot of the volcano. It has been speculated that the biggest risk may be in the small town of Ensenada, in the eastern part of Lake Llanquihue.

There are historical records of the centuries-old volcanic activity of the Calbuco volcano: in 1893, there was a strong and prolonged eruption, with large explosions over five days, which led to the destruction of the upper part of the cone, after the fall of which there was a trace of the descent of lava masses, which is visible to this day. This episode was catastrophic. The settlers were evacuated. Fortunately, no one was hurt. But the geographic landscape was greatly altered, forming new ravines and the mouth of the Queenipack River. The last activity of the Calbuco volcano took place on August 12, 1996 with a slight release of gases.

The first ascent to the top of the Calbuco volcano was made in 1859 by the climber Jean Reno. You can also become the conqueror of the summit of the Calbuco volcano. To do this, you need to drive through the small town of Puerto Mot and register with the CONAF staff, located at an altitude of 400 m on the southwestern side of the volcano, making a 3-4-hour walk through the forest along the river bank from the office of the Lianquihue National Park.

Climbers have nicknamed this volcano "Fat Man" because of its rounded shape with a complex relief. Experienced climbers advise to split the ascent into two days, spending the night in a small hut, which is located at an altitude of 1100 m. Therefore, you should definitely have a rug, a sleeping bag and a gas burner with you. A little more effort of passing through the forest thicket and a steep snow-covered slope and you will have an unforgettable impression of the views of the Calbuco volcano crater and a breathtaking half-hour skiing, if, of course, you were not too lazy to take them with you!

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Topic: Volcan Calbuco description and photos - Chile: Puerto Montt.Volcan Calbuco description and photos - Chile: Puerto Montt

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