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Volcan Puntiagudo description and photos - Chile: Peulla

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Volcan Puntiagudo description and photos - Chile: Peulla

Volcan Puntiagudo description and photos - Chile: Peulla. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Volcan Puntiagudo.

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In the Andes, in the western part of the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, about 30 km northeast of the Osorno volcano, there is a volcano, whose sharp silhouette cuts into the blue sky like a needle. which pierces the clouds is the volcano Puntiagudo.

Its height is 2498 m. The first ascent was made by two climbers, Swiss and Chilean explorers, Hermann Roth and Rudolf Hess - in 1937. The latter died while descending during this ascent. Since then, there have been only a few successful ascents to the summit of the Puntiagudo volcano, and this is a real feat, since this volcano is considered one of the most difficult peaks in Chile.

Its only historically recorded eruption occurred in 1850, then there was only volcanic ash ejection. Chile's National Geology and Mines Service does not currently monitor the activities of the Puntiagudo volcano. Experts say the activity of the Puntiagudo volcano does not pose a risk in the near term, and it is classified as a dormant or extinct volcano - an extinct volcano.

The vegetation that surrounds the slopes of the Puntiagudo volcano consists of evergreen forests of olivillo, tepa, sweet cinnamon, ulmo, pitra and other plant species - shrubs, ferns and lianas. In terms of fauna, skunks, la curunyas, foxes and birds such as hummingbirds, carpenters and black harrier can be found here.

The climate at the foot of the Puntiagudo volcano is characterized by high temperatures without heat fluctuations and precipitation throughout the year. If you plan to climb higher, it is advisable to take warm clothing and special suits with you.

There are two ways to climb the summit of the Puntiagudo volcano. The first begins in the valley, the second originates in the southeast of Lake Rupanco. Both routes require mountaineering skills and are therefore not suitable for all hikers.

You will be impressed by hiking, horseback riding along the nearby rivers, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, in the rivers adjacent to the volcano and in Lake Rupanco. You can try your hand at rafting (sports rafting on mountain rivers), as well as an unforgettable experience of a warm picnic, quiet secluded fishing, and, of course, a surge of emotions from a rapid ski slope. You can also simply contemplate and photograph the wildlife of the Puntiagudo volcano.

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Topic: Volcan Puntiagudo description and photos - Chile: Peulla.Volcan Puntiagudo description and photos - Chile: Peulla

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