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Fairy chimneys description and photos - Turkey: Cappadocia

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Fairy chimneys description and photos - Turkey: Cappadocia

Fairy chimneys description and photos - Turkey: Cappadocia. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Fairy chimneys.

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" Valley of the Witch's Trumpets " is one of the most popular territories in Cappadocia, it has the shape of a triangle formed between the three main cities of this region: Avanos, Yurgup and the main transport hub - Nevsehir.

In the valley there are amazing amorphous rocks and formations, so unique that, with a great imagination, you can see in these figures a wide variety of animals. For many centuries, the inhabitants of this area have carved out dwellings in the rocks, which are labyrinths, tunnels, and also shops selling carpets. However, religious persecutions against the first Christians and attacks by Arabs forced the local population to hide and build temples and even entire cities underground.

Countless caves, bizarre mountains and rocks have emerged here thanks to the erosion of frozen volcanic tuff. They have an amazing, sometimes very whimsical shape of cones, as well as pyramidal hills, crowned with huge stones like hats. From a distance they resemble mushrooms. They evoke completely different associations among the locals, who call them `` Fairy Chimneys. '' This is due to the fact that over them, like smoke, trickles of clouds that arise during sudden changes in temperature are hovering. A local legend tells that these pillars are the chimneys of the fireplaces of the fairies who live underground. It seems that someone invisible is underground and is heating the stove. At different times of the year and depending on the position of the sun on the horizon, these stones can change their color. Especially spectacular "stone mushrooms" look at sunset, shimmering in pink, ocher-red and even purple.

These cones, according to legend, arose during the simultaneous eruption of three volcanoes a couple of tens of millions of years ago. Most of these pipes are located on the territory of the settlements of Avanos and Ukhchisar. Amazing stone-idols, as if by someone's whim, rise above the Anatolian plateau. Some of them resemble sugar loaves, while others are like multifaceted prisms. There are also bizarre towers, gates and walls. Their height sometimes reaches several tens of meters, and if we also take into account that they are painted in light and black tones, then an amazing picture is created directly.

Goreme - an open-air museum, is the largest attraction, where there are about thirty rock-cut Byzantine churches, decorated inside with beautiful frescoes dating back to the 9-11 centuries. The churches are quite inconspicuous from the outside, but their interior and central dome with a cruciform base are typical of the Byzantine style.

The city of Goreme, located in the center of the Valley of the Witch Trumpets, is surrounded by fantastic and supernatural rock valleys and structures. It is all strewn with stone chapels, underground cities, dwellings and monasteries, which were carved in the 400th century. BC from volcanic rocks. Goreme is one of the few settlements that have survived to this day, where people still live in the midst of houses carved from rocks and "fairy chimneys". There are several guesthouses, cafes and restaurants located right in the rock.

Talking about this land, the locals proudly emphasize that one of the episodes of the movie "Star Wars" was filmed here. This landscape seemed to the film crew the most unearthly. Indeed, the local area has become the hallmark of Cappadocia, impressive with its caps in the form of stone cones. By the way, they are the ones that adorn T-shirts and magnets offered to tourists as souvenirs. This city is the most convenient point for exploring local rock formations, vineyards, villages and other interesting places. " Fairy Chimneys " better to explore slowly, using a car, horse or balloon.

"Valley of the Witch's Trumpets" is one of the world's best hot air ballooning destinations. Rare seekers of sharp adventures can deny themselves this pleasure. Big and bright balloons rise up at dawn. The air at this time in the valley is practically motionless. Beautiful balls slowly float between gorges, over valleys and hang among towers, pyramids and tuff pillars. Everyone in a hot air balloon feels like on an observation deck and has the opportunity to admire the endless fantastic landscapes created by nature from soft volcanic rocks for millions of years.

Pilots manage to deftly maneuver among the rocks and bypass the "fairy chimneys" , allowing tourists to fully enjoy the amazing landscapes reminiscent of the plots of sci-fi Hollywood blockbusters. After landing, each passenger of the balloon is poured a glass of champagne and given a special flight certificate as a keepsake. However, even without it, an unforgettable flight experience remains. And no matter how many times you go on such a journey, each one will be filled with new impressions.

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