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Caves description and photos - Vietnam: Halong Bay

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Caves description and photos - Vietnam: Halong Bay

Caves description and photos - Vietnam: Halong Bay. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The title in English is Caves.

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Halong Caves are one of the main attractions of this bay, rightly recognized as one of the natural wonders of the world. Halong has about two thousand karst islands of various shapes and sizes - from 50 to 100 meters. But its main feature is caves and grottoes, the most beautiful natural formations of Vietnam.

The most famous is the Surprise Cave, discovered at the end of the 19th century by French explorers. It is located on the picturesque Hon Bo Island. The ancient cave, about 500 million in age, is quite large - about 500 meters long. There are several shallow reservoirs inside it, and the cave itself amazes with the abundance of stalactites and stalagmites of the most bizarre species. Thanks to the modern lighting system, they are reflected in the pools and shimmer in various shades.

Stalactites and stalagmites of another cave - "Surprise" play even more beautifully with all colors. The cave consists of two halls, in one of them artificial lighting, in the second sunlight penetrates. To get into this ancient cave, you need to climb more than a hundred steps. The award for this is the multi-colored illumination of the fantastic mountain formations.

The longest in the country is the Paradise Cave: its length is more than 30 kilometers. One can see underground streams, a stone arch and stalactite columns in it. Although the cave was discovered only recently, its age is roughly 400 million years old.

One of the caves on Cat Ba Island was a Viet Cong military hospital during the war with the American army. This whole system of bunkers, medical chambers and other things is interesting for lovers of military history.

In the Mae Kung grotto you can see rock paintings of primitive people who lived there more than ten thousand years ago. In the wide and spacious Thien Kung Cave, stalactites and stalagmites are illuminated by special spotlights, which makes an excellent opportunity for taking photos. Dinner can be ordered at Chong Cave.

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Topic: Caves description and photos - Vietnam: Halong Bay.Caves description and photos - Vietnam: Halong Bay

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