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Halong Bay, Vietnam

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Halong Bay, located in the Gulf of Tonkin, includes many caves, cliffs, as well as many islands and islets. The total area of Halong Bay is 1   500 km 2. The underwater and terrestrial world of the bay is characterized by high biodiversity.

The name Halong means 'the place where the dragon descended into the sea'. According to legend, a huge dragon created the island of Halong in this place. The dragon lived in the mountains, but one day he went out and gouged hollows and valleys of various shapes with his tail. After the dragon entered the water, the places dug by its tail began to fill up, forming small islands of land. To this day, locals believe that a large dragon lives in the bay.

The most civilized island in the bay – Tuanchau. It is on this island that the former residence of President Ho Chi Minh is located. Nowadays, a resort complex is expected to be built on the island.

The largest island in the bay is Catba. In 1986, part of the island was declared a national reserve. The island is famous for its many grottoes, lakes and waterfalls, as well as coastal coral reefs.

The most popular caves in the bay are Maiden, Bonaui grotto   and the Heavenly Palace. The Drum Grotto is also of great interest to tourists. The mainsail got its name from the sounds similar to the drumbeat, heard from it in strong gusts of wind. Dau Go Grotto is considered the most picturesque grotto in the bay.

Today there are four fishing villages in Holong Bay – Ba Hang, C?a V?n, V & ocirc; ng Vi & ecirc; ng and C?ng T à u – whose residents live on floating houses.

Halong Bay is on the list of UNESCO sites.

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