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Aquapark Zurbagan description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol

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Aquapark " Zurbagan " description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol

Zurbagan Water Park description and photo - Crimea: Sevastopol. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

Photo and description

Aquapark "Zurbagan" is located near the sea, in a very picturesque corner of Sevastopol called Victory Park. The name “Zurbagan” was given to the water park in honor of the city of children's dreams - Zurbagan, invented by the writer Alexander Green.

In this water park, all conditions are created for vacationers to make their rest pleasant and unforgettable. Everyone, from kids to adults, will have vivid impressions. The summer water park covers an area of 2.08 hectares. Two thousand tourists can visit it at the same time.

There are fifteen slides in the water park. There are cartoon slides, which are created especially for kids and are called "Rabbit", "Octopus", "Elephant" and "Serpent". The height of these slides is from one to two and a half meters. Pools for small vacationers are shallow: their depth is 25 cm, and a little further it reaches 40 cm.

For older children, there are slides called "Rainbow", "Free Fall" and "Children's Body Slide". The depth of the pools is eighty centimeters. The water in the children's pools is heated and reaches 32 degrees. Adults who want to get a shot of adrenaline can visit the slides that have the following names: "Wave", "Black Hole", "Bodyslide", "Freefall", "Kamikaze", "Multislide".

The Zurbagan water park has seven swimming pools on its territory. Four of them are intended for adult vacationers, one is for teenagers and the other two are for preschoolers. The water park has a number of features - it is a round pool with a diameter of thirty meters. This pool is considered to be central. The water is heated here to a temperature of + 30 degrees. The working fountain reaches fifteen meters. The water park has very beautiful and spectacular waterfalls, hydromassage. All this taken together serves as an addition to the central pool and decorates the water park.

On the territory of the Zurbagan water park there are not only water activities, but also many interesting things await vacationers in the form of various attractions.

A very interesting 4D cinema in which you will feel the effect of wind, rain or earthquake. There is a photo booth on the territory. Here you will be offered funny caricatures from portraits, and you can also buy a keychain-medallion with your portrait inside.

If you like to participate in competitions and feel the taste of victories, there is a funny attraction here - these are very bright , inflatable boats, called "Bots".

For those who love sports, there are the following types of attractions: air hockey - external design, excellent soundtrack, illumination of the score display, playing field and playing time create a gambling mood; basketball - a well-known type of game carries with it; shooting range - everyone has a chance to test themselves, how well you shoot.

The water park has a lot of other interesting entertainments.

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