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Konepru caves in the Czech Republic

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The Konepru Caves are the largest cave system found in Bohemia. The caves are located in the Bohemian Karst nature reserve, near the Karlstejn castle, just 30 kilometers from Prague.

These caves, according to scientists, were formed from several tens to 400 million. years ago. The caves were first discovered in 1950. In September 1950, an explosion occurred in the quarry, resulting in a hole in the wall. While clearing clay and sand, workers discovered a road to a large cave complex. The research of the caves was entrusted to the Archaeological Institute, since there were found, among other bones, the remains of prehistoric man. After the tests, it turned out that it was a 46-year-old woman who died about 13 thousand years ago.

To this day, human bones, animal remains, counterfeit coins dating from the 15th century, and much more are found in caves.

Konepr caves have three main levels. The length of the caves is about 2 kilometers. These caves have rather bizarre shapes, formed by the growth of stalagmites and stalactites associated with the formation of the limestone of the Bohemian Karst.

A remarkable fact is that in the 15th century on the top floor of the caves there was a workshop for counterfeiting coins ... In our time, little is known about the secret workshop. It became known that a workshop of counterfeiters operated here between 1469 and 1472. These figures are due to the fact that the coins minted here have been in circulation for about 4 years. These coins bore the emblem of the Czech lion and were called the Hussite Hellers. Instead of silver, counterfeiters used copper tin, which was covered with a thin layer of silver alloy.

Nowadays, the workshop has been completely restored and opened to tourists.

According to experts, the caves were previously flooded with water, in connection with which the walls of the caves were formed by Konepru `` roses '', which are small stalactites resembling rose flowers in shape. The uniqueness of these stalactites lies in the fact that they contain opal.

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Topic: Konepru caves in the Czech Republic.Konepru caves in the Czech Republic

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