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K. D. Burkova description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Ivanovo

K.D. Burkova description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Ivanovo. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photos and a map showing the nearest significant objects.

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K.D. Burkova is located at the intersection of Nozdrina and Pushkin streets in the city of Ivanovo. It includes a dwelling house and an outbuilding (formerly a printed building). The estate is surrounded by a fence with two gates. The main house is located at the very corner of the block, and the wing overlooks Nozdrina Street.

All buildings of the estate were built in the first half of the 19th century in the tradition of the late classicism style. In 1899, the rear and side extensions to the house, as well as a fence with a gate, were completed. It was in this estate in 1900 in the family of the owner of a chemical enterprise, Chernyak I.E., Natalie Sarroth, a famous French writer, was born (in 1990 she came to Ivanovo).

The main house of the estate is a brick two-storey plastered building. The second floor from the courtyard side is made of wood. The rectangular volume of the building is covered with a hip roof. Street facades are equally decorated, they differ only in clear divisions horizontally: crowning and interfloor profiled cornices. Thanks to the ribbon rustic covering the lower floor, it looks like a basement. Above the rectangular windows, the rustication transforms into a fan-shaped one, framing the arched niches of the window openings. The second floor is also cut by rectangular windows.

The wing is also a two-storey brick plastered outside building, completed with a hip roof. The street facade of the wing is similar in character to the main house, although it does not repeat the elements of its decor. It has a clear floor division without a dedicated center and laconic decoration. The first floor is covered with a square rustic, and its low rectangular windows are crowned with keystones. The smooth plane of the second floor is slightly recessed into a niche. The planes of the second floor on the other facades are made with similar niches.

The fence between the main house and the outbuilding is low brick, with a gate formed by two rectangular pylons. From the street side, the pylons are treated with pilasters, which bear triangular pediments cutting into the crowning attic. The fence overlooking Pushkin Street has a more ceremonial view. Its height reaches the windows of the first floor, the shoulder blades dismember it into equal frames. The gates have retained their wooden filling up to now: an architrave beam between the pylons, a double leaf, a figured attic.

Today both the main house and the outbuilding are used as residential ones. In 2008, it was decided to recognize the estate as emergency and, accordingly, subject to demolition. But later, the regional committee of culture included this estate in the list of cultural heritage sites, and the decision to demolish the buildings of the estate was invalidated.

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Topic: K. D. Burkova description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Ivanovo.K. D. Burkova description and photo - Russia - Golden Ring: Ivanovo

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