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Ulcinj. Recreation and entertainment

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Ulcinj has become very popular due to the rich possibilities for treatment available here.

Research by scientists has shown that fine-grained sand contains 29 minerals, more than 50 % of the composition is occupied by carbonates and carbites - they give the coastal zone a grayish tint. Easy to be on the beach at outdoor temperature   +50 ° C has a beneficial effect on the functionality of the musculoskeletal system. Such self-therapy can be used in a complex of measures for the treatment of infertility.

Sea water in the Ulcinj Riviera is highly mineralized, in combination with the comfortable climatic conditions of the resort, it has a therapeutic effect on the respiratory system, normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, supports the functions of the endocrine system.

In addition, there are two springs of water with a high degree of mineralization on the territory of Ulcinj. Even the peloid on the local coast has a colloidal structure and is rich in minerals. It is used as a therapeutic mud in the treatment of various degrees of inflammatory processes in the body.


Today Ulcinj is a modern tourist resort. The long beach of the Ulcinj Riviera, high service in hotels, combined with curative coastal sand, containing a high content of salts and iodine, is only part of what Ulcinj has to offer.

The most famous beach areas of the resort are: "Big Beach"(Its length is 13 km) and" Small beach"(650 meters). The Big Beach is characterized by fine, warm sand. Along its coastline are hotels such as the Olympic, Belvi, Lido and Otrant. A small sandy-pebble beach is located in the area of the old town, part of it belongs to local hotels. Not far from the mouth of the Boyana River, on a small island, there is a famous nudist Ada-Boyana beach (5.4 sq. Km). On the one hand, it borders on a sea beach, on the others, it is washed by the waves of the freshwater Boyana River.


In addition to passive relaxation on the beach, you can rent a catamaran or jet skis, dive into the coastal waters from snorkel, or ride a wave on a windsurf board. Go on a boat trip to the island of St. Nicholas, there is a mixed beach - one part of it is intended for nudists, and the other for ordinary vacationers.

The nightlife in Ulcinj is especially active. Every evening, many restaurants, bars and discos open here.


Ulcinj was founded 2000 years ago, today it is the oldest city in Montenegro and combines the cultures of the East and West. While staying here, be sure to visit the Old Town - a medieval castle located on the top of a mountain. The Chamber of Venice and the Oriental Bazaar is of interest on its territory. Balsic Tower - according to legend, Shabtai Zvi, the famous interpreter of the Talmud and the leader of the Jewish uprising in the Ottoman Empire, lived in it.


Walking through the old town, you will see the square where pirates sold slaves, listen to a sermon in the St. Mark's Church. The City Museum deserves a special mention. It contains an exposition that reveals many historical secrets of the past of Ulcinj.

It is from Ulcinj that the journey to the mysterious Shatskoe Lake begins. On one of its banks are the ruins of the ancient city Svacha (Shas). During the Middle Ages, there was a mint on its territory, as well as a fortress decorated in the style of the Renaissance.

From the religious institutions of Ulcinj, pay attention to the ruins of a church located between Rumia and Lake Skadar. Prefect of Krainska was built during the reign of King Vladimir (970-1016). The remains of   Vladimir and Kosara, Romeo and Julia of the Kingdom of the Slavs. There is also the holy cross of King Vladimir, which is carried every Easter to the peak of Mount Rumia.

Tips for tourists

Accommodation in comfortable hotels in Ulcinj will cost much less than in the Budva Riviera or in the bay Boko-Kotorska.

It's better to shop in local markets and shops. Even household appliances and furniture are several times cheaper here.

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