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Spa treatment in Greece

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Image Thermal springs in Greece

Greece has always enjoyed very popular with tourists from all over the world due to its unique climate, beautiful beaches and historical sites. But it is popular not only as a great holiday destination, but also as a popular destination for medical tourism. Greece has many mineral and thermal springs, wonderful climate, healing sea air and sun – all these factors combine to form a natural sanatorium that can cure many diseases.

For a long time, a wellness holiday in Greece has been the best way to improve your health. Even just a vacation in this country with its exceptional Mediterranean climate has a beneficial effect on the human body, and when undergoing a course of treatment, which can be carried out in one of the Greek sanatoriums, the healing process is greatly accelerated.

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Treatment in the resorts of Greece is carried out in two directions: treatment by the sea and treatment with hot mineral springs. Treatment by the sea is called thalassotherapy. The complex of procedures for thalassotherapy consists of the use of sea water, silt and mud, as well as seaweed. Besides, an additional healing effect is obtained from the salt-saturated sea air, which is especially useful for people with various respiratory diseases.

The composition of fresh sea water resembles human blood plasma. During the procedures, seawater penetrates the pores and helps restore the electrolyte composition of the plasma. Thalasso procedures help to improve metabolism, promote rapid recovery from injuries in which the spine or joints have suffered, cure skin diseases, help normalize the lymphatic system, help lose weight, rejuvenate the skin and restore the vitality of the human body. With the help of sea baths, wraps and hydromassage, nervous tension is relieved and the body's immunity is increased.

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Mineral water in Greek sanatoriums and thermal resorts it is used in the form of drinking balneotherapy, mineral baths and mud therapy. Image Preparing for water treatments

Most popular medical services for foreigners in Greece are hemodialysis, artificial insemination and infertility treatment, express diagnostics of the body (Check up), dental services, ophthalmology, cardiology, orthopedics, cleansing and rejuvenation of the body, weight loss, plastic surgery.

The cost of medical services in Greece is one of the lowest in Europe, while the quality of services meets the standards adopted in the European Union.
Spa treatment in Greece

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Topic: Spa treatment in Greece.Spa treatment in Greece

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