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Podebrady. Recreation and entertainment

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Guests of the Podebrady resort like to visit the old restored castle located on the banks of the Elbe. There is a museum inside it, and in the courtyard there is a monument to King Jiri of Podebrady.

The town has its own beach by the lake, a riding arena, tennis courts, terrenkur trails and much more, which can help to compose a program outdoor activities for every taste.


Mineral springs

The healing springs of the Podebrady resort are distinguished by a high content of carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium and hydrogen sulfide. There are 18 such springs in the city.

The composition of the mineral water determined the specificity of the treatment. People often come to Podebrady for the treatment of cardiac diseases. These include: heart disease (ischemic heart disease, inflammatory diseases, heart defects, recovery from a heart attack), vascular diseases (circulatory disorders, diseases of the arterial and venous systems, varicose veins, high blood pressure). In addition, indications for treatment with such mineral waters are metabolic disorders (diabetes mellitus, obesity), diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteoporosis) and others.

Healing water is used for drinking and special baths. In addition, in the resort of Podebrady you can try mud therapy and physiotherapy.

The city of Podebrady is the resort where you can pay attention to your health and well-being, relax, choosing your own entertainment program.

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Topic: Podebrady. Recreation and entertainment.Podebrady. Recreation and entertainment

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