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Thermal Center (Pamukkale Thermal Baths) description and photos - Turkey: Pamukkale

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Thermal Center (Pamukkale Thermal Baths) description and photos - Turkey: Pamukkale

Thermal Center (Pamukkale Thermal Baths) description and photos - Turkey: Pamukkale. Detailed information about the attraction. Description, photographs and a map showing the nearest significant objects. The name in English is Pamukkale Thermal Baths.

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The world famous thermal center Pamukkale Thermal Baths is located on the plateau and has its own mineral pool, the water temperature of which ranges from + 30 ° C to + 45 ° C. This unique complex of thermal springs is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is located on the edge of the ancient volcanic plateau of Kucuk-Chekelez, towering about a hundred meters above the valley. Dozens of streams from the slopes run down numerous thermal streams with water saturated with calcium bicarbonates and form, due to the precipitation of salts, unusually beautiful travertine terraces. Now walking on the terraces is prohibited and only certain areas are allocated for visiting, but at the foot of the plateau you can swim in the healing baths of Cleopatra.

Most of the local hotels have on their territory mud and mineral springs, which are very popular. Highly qualified specialists select the necessary chemical composition of mineral water for each client. Bathing in the hydrothermal springs of Pamukkale helps with such serious ailments as arterial hypertension, paralysis, rheumatism and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Mineral limestone waters have a rather effective therapeutic effect on people suffering from various disorders of the nervous system and exposed to chronic stress. The benefits of local thermal waters are invaluable for people with diseases of the skin and muscular system. Taking mineral water from the source inside improves the condition of people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Pamukkale mud allows you to reduce weight, cleanse the body of toxins, help in the treatment of pathologies of the joints, have a good tonic, restorative and cosmetic effect. The course of treatment at the Pamukkale Thermal Complex usually lasts from one to three weeks.

In addition to the healing properties of the local mineral water, its rejuvenating properties are also highly valued. After swimming in the small waterfalls of the complex, the skin becomes surprisingly soft and smooth. It is very well cleansed of the pleasant massage and healing effect of water. The thermal complex offers the following types of therapy, which are carried out under the supervision of specialists:
- balneotherapy - a procedure based on the general effects of a number of procedures, such as isothermal and hyperthermal baths, mud applications, dressings and compresses;
- physiotherapy - individual or group exercise sessions in the thermal pool; procedures that relieve physical muscle tension, improve blood circulation in tissues and blood vessels, promote the elimination of toxins from the body;
- mud therapy - taking mud baths enriched with iron, selenium, magnesium, sodium, manganese and other minerals. Applying therapeutic mud to different parts of the body.
- jet shower - massage using thermal water, carried out from a certain distance to different parts of the body;
- thalassotherapy - a modern method using sea water, climate and products for therapeutic purposes of marine origin - algae and mud. During these procedures, the human body receives the missing valuable trace elements, such as iodine, sulfur, potassium and calcium. In twenty minutes spent in a mud and sea bath, the skin absorbs the maximum of useful substances. Thalassotherapy is used in cases when the body needs to be restored after stress. In addition, it is used in the treatment of severe neurological disorders, intestinal, skin and gynecological diseases;
- a program for weight loss - wrapping, peeling, balneology, general body massage, Charcot's shower, thermo-wrapping, jacuzzi, sauna, thermal pools and sports exercises.

All treatment programs are based on the use of procedures with natural substances: algae, mineral water from thermal springs, therapeutic mud, aromatic baths, special diets.

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Topic: Thermal Center (Pamukkale Thermal Baths) description and photos - Turkey: Pamukkale.Thermal Center (Pamukkale Thermal Baths) description and photos - Turkey: Pamukkale

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