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Information about Borneo resort in Malaysia

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First of all, tourists in Borneo are attracted by the beaches. Their advantages are fine white sand, cleanliness, rich vegetation and protection from waves by coral islands. By the way, boats are constantly floating to these islands, so you can swim right on them. Many coastal hotels have their own beaches.

It is worth remembering that Borneo often experiences such a phenomenon as the"red tide". The waves at this time acquire a reddish tint due to the intensive reproduction of organisms. Swimming at this time is dangerous - it leads to toxic poisoning.


The state of Sarawak is located in the west of the island and is the largest state not only in Borneo, but throughout Malaysia. Its distinguishing feature is good beaches, dense jungle, deep caves and very picturesque islands off the coast. The island is home to amazing animals that can even be seen, for example, a 15-centimeter owl, a butterfly with a wings width of 30 centimeters and a doe the size of a cat. Two-thirds of Sarawak's area is covered with jungle.

Accommodation in the main cities of Sarawak is very easy - there are more than fifty hotels of different levels for tourists.

The main attraction of Sarawak is the ethnographic village. It is a"living museum" of individual villages, each built in its own style.

It will be interesting to look at the Niah caves, decorated with drawings of ancient people, as well as at the crocodile farm, where you can see about a thousand crocodiles of different species. You can visit the Bako and Mulu nature reserves or just take a walk around Kuching city.


The state of Sabah is somewhat smaller than Sarawak, but in terms of the number of attractions it is significantly ahead of it.

Once a small decrepit Semporn fishermen's village is now a popular beach resort. It offers opportunities for diving, sailing on nearby islands, and water skiing and boating. It is interesting to visit Pulau Bohei Dulang - a volcanic island where Japanese pearls are bred.

The Sulu Sea is home to the Turtle Islands, a nature reserve consisting of eight islands. From July to October, turtles can be seen here to lay their eggs. You can stay on the islands in a hut.

We should also say about Mount Kinabalu - the main attraction of the state. The mountain is distinguished by completely unreal landscapes and hot springs. On the mountain, you can see a huge number of birds, mammals and butterflies, as well as amazing plants such as rafflesia, orchids or the carnivorous nepentes. Alpine conifers, mountain oaks and low-lying rain jungles also grow in the mountain reserve. Ascent followed by descent takes from two to three days - this will depend on the skills of those participating in the expedition, as well as on the weather conditions. To climb to the very top, you need to spend the night in the mountains at least once, but for this there are several shelters.

Another interesting natural attraction of Sabakh is the protected Danum valley, which is notable for its amazing nature. The reserve is located at a distance of 83 kilometers from Lahad Datu and in this area you can see the endangered Sumatran rhinos, gibbons, orangutans, bearded boars and about three hundred bird species. There is also the Borneo Forest Lodge ecotourism center. This center offers forest trekking, river bathing, bird watching, night jungle trips and excursions to sawmills and logging sites.

In the Orangutan Sanctuary located in Sepilok, you can see these monkeys from a very short distance. The best time to visit the reserve is from 10 am to 3:30 pm - during this time the primates leave the forest in order to get their lunch. That's when you can get a good look at them without going deep into the jungle.

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