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Cayo Coco. Recreation and entertainment

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Attractions and tourism

Cayo Coco's tourist infrastructure began to develop in the early 1990s. Until the dam was built in 1988, the island was completely uninhabited and known exclusively to local adventurers and fishermen.

Cayo Coco was named after the snow-white Coco (white ibis) bird. However, the most popular bird in the resort is the pink flamingo, with a population of up to 30 thousand individuals. The island is also a permanent home for pelicans, white ibises, herons and vultures.

The island is also home to international chains of comfortable hotels, where discos are held in the evenings and incendiary music is played.

attractions in the resort are the beaches, and among others -   Los Flamencos, La Haula and Las Kolodaras, protected by a curving coastline, perfect for families, beach activities and a variety of water sports. For diving enthusiasts, there is   an excellent opportunity to explore a coral reef stretching for 400 kilometers off the coast of the island.
There are bars on the beaches where you can enjoy exotic cocktails and fresh fruit before salsa lessons or playing volleyball.

Los Flamencos is the best beach in Cayo Coto, where vacationers can enjoy the white sand, azure sea, and also look at the numerous communities of pink flamingos, which can be admired on the beach at any time of the year.

Prohibis is a “forbidden” beach, which is a nature reserve, surrounded by huge dunes, the place is ideal suitable for those seeking peace and solitude. The beach stretches all the way to the center of the resort.

Natural Bahia de Naranjo Park is located   in the southeast of the resort. Here visitors are shown a magnificent show with sea lions and dolphins. At the end of the show, vacationers can swim with dolphins.

One of the decorations of the island is the natural Parque Natural El Baga, where among the mango thickets is a small reconstructed Aboriginal village, where local actors perform the traditional dance of the Taino tribe for tourists.

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Topic: Cayo Coco. Recreation and entertainment.Cayo Coco. Recreation and entertainment

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