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Information about Sarawak, Seychelles

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The main direction of tourism in Sarawak, despite the excellent opportunities for excursions, remains a beach holiday. The longest coastline on Malaysian Borneo is a coral bank protected from strong tides and waves by chains of reef formations. The sand is naturally white, and each resort village keeps it perfectly clean - most of the beaches belong to luxury hotels.

Natural attractions of the state will allow you to diversify your vacation. Here you can go rafting on one of the rivers flowing through the dense jungle, explore caves, get acquainted with the island's fauna in modern reserves.

You can see the living culture of the indigenous peoples of Borneo in several villages, where you can go both by river and by land transport. Local residents are accustomed to the interest of tourists and gladly arrange fairs for them, theatrical and musical performances, as well as introduce them to everyday life and centuries-old traditions.


The main natural attraction of Sarawak for many years there are Niah caves located in the reserve of the same name.   These karst formations were discovered to Europeans only in the 20th century, and since 1974 this territory has become a site of numerous excavations and excursions. Particularly valuable in the caves are cave paintings, which are several thousand years old.

Another attraction is Samongok - a unique institution, officially recognized as a Rehabilitation Center for Orangutans. This is a comprehensive veterinary clinic and a small wildlife sanctuary where experienced doctors, zoologists and other specialists provide assistance to monkeys who have suffered at the hands of poachers. The work of the center's specialists can be observed on certain days, having previously bought an entrance ticket.

Of particular interest among tourists is the Crocodile farm, where rare species of reptiles are bred. Also, two other protected reserves - Bako and Mulu.

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Topic: Information about Sarawak, Seychelles.Information about Sarawak, Seychelles

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