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Aland Islands. Recreation and entertainment

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fishing is a very popular entertainment of tourists on the Aland Islands. Fishing in the archipelago can be done in specially designated areas, having received a license. The license is obtained from the owner of the private property, where the tourist is going to stay on vacation. This can be done in advance when booking a room and a cottage or on site.

Both river and sea fish are found in sea water with a low salt content. When buying a license, you should find out the rules for fishing in a particular area.

Fish are caught using spinning and spinners (pike, perch), wobblers and jigs (pike perch, sea taimen), by trolling (salmon). Fishing here will be effective at all seasons.

In summer they usually catch pike perch and salmon, in autumn - pike and taimen, in winter - perch, pike perch, sea pike, bream, in spring - salmon, sea taimen, pike.

In addition, the archipelago hosts international competitions in sailing and offers conditions for horse riding, golf and tennis.



Of the sights of the Aland Islands, the medieval castle Kastelholm. It is located in the Sund commune.

In addition, it is interesting to see the ruins of Bomarsund - a Russian fortress, laid by the Russian Empire in the 19th century on the island of Aland.

In the capital of the archipelago Mariehamne there is an opportunity to visit museums: the Museum of Hunting and Fishing, the Maritime District and the Maritime Museum, the sailing ship"Pommern", art museum. In the Maritime Museum, tourists will undoubtedly appreciate the collection of objects from old sailing ships, including sailor chests, navigational instruments, pirate flags and much more.

Also on the Aland Islands you can look at a snail farm, inspect a chips factory, take part in the Aland apple wine tasting at the winery and visit theater and music festivals on the coast.

Of the natural attractions, you should pay attention to Kobba Klintar Island (Kobba Klintar). On this island, you can admire the romantic landscape and look into the old Pilot's House, which is a small museum.

In the small village of Geta (Geta) you can stroll through "troll trail". This is a special route where tourists will have the opportunity to appreciate the delights of Aland pink granite cliffs and unspoiled nature.

On the island of Szokar (Kokar ), at the extreme point of the archipelago, there is a Franciscan monastery, built in the 13th century, and a rock garden. While traveling to this island, you can explore many other islands.

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Topic: Aland Islands. Recreation and entertainment.Aland Islands. Recreation and entertainment

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