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Fishing in Japan

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Image Sea Fishing

Any keen angler for sure Would find it a very interesting experience fishing in Japan. Indeed, for the inhabitants of this country, fishing is one of the fundamental trades, because there is nowhere to engage in agriculture - an area of very modest size, and even that is not distinguished by a high degree of fertility.

Image Coastal fishing in Japan

Fishing in coastal waters of Japan

Image Flounder

Japan's coastal waters are rich and flounder. It is also presented in many types, which predominantly live at shallow depths, on sandy or silty-sandy soil. Sea worms and shells act as bait for flounder.

Japan is also an excellent destination for those wishing to catch a greenling. Most often, a single-finned greenling is caught on the bait - very large individuals, can reach 46 centimeters and 1.5 kilograms. But one of the most coveted species of greenling is probably red, which can be found off the coast of Hokkaido. The males of the red greenling are cherry-colored, with an orange underside of the head and a grayish-blue belly. The image ends with red eyes. The roach hunt takes place near the coast, among the underwater rocks and reefs. Small fish and mollusks are most often put on a fishing rod.

Image Puffer fish

Salmon fishing in Japan

First of all, for salmon, you should go to the shores of Hokkaido, in northern Japan. It is home to Pacific salmon of the genus, sea pike perch suzuki and macaw.

Sports fishing on the high seas is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan. To do this, use motor boats and boats with strong tackle, since the catch can be very heavy, for example, maguro tuna.

Image Caught salmon

It is impossible not to mention and about spearfishing off the coast of Japan. It is difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of diving and fishing underwater on a clear sunny day when the water is clear. In the course of this kind of entertainment, you can catch flounder, greenling, pike perch and ugay.

Image Fishing with cormorants

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