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Fishing in Canada

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Currently tourists have already visited all corners of the earth. The purposes of these trips are very different: someone is interested in cultural and historical values, someone just wants to relax on the shore of the warm sea, someone is to go skiing in the ski resorts. There are also enough fishing enthusiasts who travel the world in search of new places for their fishing hobby. Therefore, travel agencies have many offers for exciting trips, which offer the organization of fishing.
Fishing can be combined with recreation at the sea, rivers or lakes. Various options for such a vacation can be found in Canada, which is the second largest country in the world after Russia. On its territory there are the Great Lakes and many different inland waters and rivers. It is washed by three oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. Most Canadians live in cities, so vast areas of Canada are empty, no wonder there is a wide variety of fish and animals. Fishing and hunting are very developed in the country, for many Canadians it has become a way of life. Therefore, many fishermen are attracted to Canada, especially since various sports competitions for fishermen are constantly organized in the country.
Image Rice Lake, Ontario
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Except lakes in Canada are famous for fishing many rivers. The French River is very popular. It consists of many lakes that connect waterfalls and fast tributaries. There is pike in the river, both common and maskinong, in addition, you can catch pike perch, bass, in some places you can catch sturgeon, whitefish, trout and yellow perch. There is another river popular for anglers - Lunnaya. The most coveted trophy here is the large yellow-finned pike perch. Fishing on this river is famous not for the amount of fish caught, but for its quality. Here you can catch not only large pike perch, but also trophy pike of both species.
In the spring, in April, a perch fishing competition is held. Rice Lake hosts a bass competition with a significant prize pool. A popular type of competition is fishing for five types of fish: pike perch, bass, pike, whitefish and trout. This competition is held at Lady Evelyn Lake, which is located in the province of Ontario. They fish in Canada all year round.
Image Big catch in Ontario
sea anglers frequent Canada to hunt bluefin tuna, which is a powerful fish. It can reach a length of five meters and weigh up to a thousand kilograms. Tuna hunting competitions are held in the province of Nova Scotia. For three to four months, in late summer and early autumn, shoals of bluefin tuna pass through the Atlantic Ocean. It is by this time that fishermen from all over the world come here. Shark hunting is also organized here, which is quite popular. Large saltwater fish are caught on boats that have special equipment and are powerful enough to resist the power of the fish. During the hunt, the engine on the boat is turned off and the boat drifts. This fishing is called drifting. The hunt takes place at a distance of three to five kilometers from the coast, such fishing is absolutely safe for the participants, but it leaves an unforgettable experience.
Image Bluefin tuna school
Age-old traditions fishing in Canada formed the basis of modern rules that are strictly enforced. The angler can take only 30% of his catch. Compliance with the rules is monitored by the local fishery supervision. Due to this limitation, fish in water bodies does not decrease, but on the contrary, its quantity and diversity is growing. In addition, Canada has long had the following principle: “Caught - release”. Naturally, all conditions for fishing have been created in a country with such fish wealth. For example, 3,000 stores have departments that sell products needed for fishing. There are about 600 shops specializing in fishing.
In order to participate in fishing competitions, and just for fishing, certain documents are required. Each province has its own fishing rules and you need to know them. A general fishing license is issued at the fish store, and an additional license is required at the fishing site. Any fisherman should always have an identification document with him.

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