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Information about Kamakura resort in Japan

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There are many excellent cafes near the station, serving various local cuisine, and in the summertime on the beach located southeast of the station there are bars, many of which offer di- The DJs and the musicians are working.

Saryo Inoue is open all day long and serves finely prepared traditional Japanese food, and the establishment has a terrace on the second floor with charming views of the city's surroundings.

Kamakura   is not only a city of beautiful temples, but also a place with many good beach areas. The most popular beach is Yuigahama, from here it is convenient to watch the fireworks that happen in the city in summer, and, of course, sunbathe and swim.

Inamuragasaki Beach is no less popular, in the evenings there are gorgeous sunsets and a cozy atmosphere. Shichirigahama Beach is a place where surfers practice, but you cannot swim here.


Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu   is a huge Shinto shrine located in Buddhist Kamakura. It was built by Yeritomo Minamoto in the second half of the 12th century. If you're lucky, you can watch the traditional wedding procession in the square near the temple - it's beautiful.

Kotokuin   is the temple where Daibutsu is located, or the Big Buddha - a bronze sculpture just over 13 meters high, which is the second largest Japanese Buddha.

Hasedera   is a beautiful temple that houses the largest statue of a Buddhist deity in the country, named Kannon.

The local temple Zeniarai Benten was created in honor of the goddess Benzaiten, but it is famous for another reason - it is believed that the money washed inside the temple doubles.

As you walk and explore the city, be sure to taste the soft ice cream made from purple potatoes. The ice cream potato is sweet and grows nearby, it tastes much better than the name of the product, it's worth trying it.

Engakuji   is the second of the five Zen temples, built in 1282 in memory of the Japanese warriors who fell during the Mongol invasion. In the building near the temple, according to legend, one of the Buddha's teeth is kept, and on the top of the hill there is a huge bell, near which you can taste Japanese tokoroten - cold sweet noodles.

Tokeiji   - monastery, where women who were subjected to violent actions came. After living inside for three years, they could get a divorce. The monastery is known for its huge harvests of juicy peaches, and in the springtime, during the flowering of peach trees, the area around the monastery looks simply gorgeous. In addition, there is a beautiful traditional cemetery on the territory near the monastery.

Meigetsuin   - the temple, also referred to as the"Temple of Hortensia", because of the whole sea of these flowers that grow here, near the temple.

Everyone can take part in a colorful tea ceremony.

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