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Bung Karno in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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Bung Karno, which translates as"brother Karnot" (this is how life called the great and terrible first President of Indonesia Sukarno) - the country's largest multisport stadium located in the capital state of Jakarta. Bung Karno was built in 1960 in anticipation of Asian Games with the fraternal help of the USSR and accommodated at the time of construction 100   800 the person that made the stadium one of the largest on the planet. Since then Bung Karnot was repeatedly completed and reconstructed, as a result of which it the capacity decreased to 88   083 people. Currently ranked the largest stadiums in the world Bung Karno occupies an honorable 21 place. Design Bung Karno outwardly resembles the Luzhniki construction, to protect against the scorching sun and frequent precipitation in Indonesia, the stadium has a massive roof.

In addition to its size, the stadium impresses with its functionality: Bung Karno is suitable for competitions in football, badminton, tennis, golf and many other sports. Needless to say, many of the most famous sporting events in Asia were held at Bung Karno. Besides holding all kinds of competitions, the stadium is known as one of the most major platforms in the country for political actions, rallies and large national holidays. Recently, the premises of the complex are increasingly used in the organization of international exhibitions, conferences and other activities. Speaking of Bung Karno, it would be a mistake not to mention the role of the stadium in the history of show business: during its existence on the main arena of Indonesia played concerts by such luminaries of rock music as DeepPurple and LinkinPark.

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Topic: Bung Karno in Indonesia, Jakarta resort.Bung Karno in Indonesia, Jakarta resort

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