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Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort

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This mosque is located in Cairo. It is not only a mosque but also an Islamic university. Here they teach such subjects as Arabic literature and language, the study of hadiths, Koranic disciplines and others.

This mosque was built in 970-972, simultaneously with the founding of Cairo. Its founder – Jaukhar, a famous military leader of that time.

The mosque was built according to the traditional scheme for those times – the pillared hall adjoins the courtyard, which is surrounded by an arcade.

The entrance to the mosque is decorated with a trefoil-shaped arch. From the inside, it is covered with embossed decorations similar to stalactites. The wall around this very arch is decorated with small ornaments.

The courtyard arches are covered with knock patterns. They depict belts with inscriptions and spiral curved plant stems. On the walls in the yard – openwork frieze. There are battlements above it in six rows.

In the period from 1468 to 1496, four naves were added to the mosque and a minaret was erected. The old parts of the mosque differ from the new ones in that its very core was built of bricks, while stones were used to build new annexes.  

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Topic: Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort.Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt, Cairo resort

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