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Simena Castle in Turkey, Kekova resort

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Today the Simena Castle is the main tourist attraction of the city.

Polygonal stone blocks were used in the construction of the loophole walls. The walls stretched almost to the top of the mountain.

At the foot of one of the walls of the fortress, today you can also see the remains of an ancient temple shed. Some of the stone blocks that previously belonged to these structures were later used for the construction of other buildings, but at a later period. The blocks contain fragments of ancient inscriptions and images that testify to the reign of Callippus of Syracuse, in 354-352 BC

To the east of the castle there is a necropolis, where 24 burials were found, two of which are stone tombs , made in the form of classic Lycian houses.

Also on the territory of the complex there is a small amphitheater carved into the rock. It has only seven rows for spectators, while other ancient theaters have more than 300 seats.

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Topic: Simena Castle in Turkey, Kekova resort.Simena Castle in Turkey, Kekova resort

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