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Chiang Rai. Recreation and entertainment

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Tourists often come to Chiang Rai on the way to Thailand's Golden Triangle. But the distinctive nature, many historical sites and cultural entertainment increase the number of visitors to the resort every year.

It is recommended to visit Chiang Rai in winter. It is at this time that you can see the annual Festival in honor of King Mengrai, who is the founder of the city. During the festival, theater performances, competitions, various parades are held right on the streets of the city, striking in their grandeur and beauty. In the evening, the sky of Chiang Rai these days is colored with explosions of fireworks.

And every May, a traditional agricultural fair is held, where, in addition to fresh fruits, a variety of handmade souvenirs are sold.

In Chiang Rai, you can ride an elephant, take a horse ride, or take a boat cruise. For amateurs of entertainment in Chiang Rai, there are many entertainment establishments, various restaurants of national cuisine, clubs and night discos.



Chiang Rai is famous for its many attractions. Ancient temples, concentrated in the vicinity of the city, are steeped in myths and legends.

Of interest to tourists is also the tomb located in Ngam Muang Hill. Locals claim that this is where the ashes of King Mengrai, who founded this city in the middle of the 13th century, rest. Relatively close to the tomb are the ruins of ancient settlements that were destroyed during the war.

Doi Luan National Park will amaze tourists with numerous caves and beautiful waterfalls. If you walk a few kilometers outside the city, you will see the view of Doi Mae Salong and Dai Tung peak, which are practically completely overgrown with forest.

In the center of the city there is a museum of hill tribes, in which collected exhibits reflecting the lifestyle of the first settlements of the city (utensils, tools, housing).

Among the exhibits of the Museum of the Golden Bowl you will see items that were used in the royal courts of northern Thailand, as well as Burma and Vietnam.

Ho Wattanam Nitat Museum will tell about the history, culture and customs of the indigenous people of Thailand. Collected here are written records and royal decrees since the reign of Loi Tung.


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Topic: Chiang Rai. Recreation and entertainment.Chiang Rai. Recreation and entertainment

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