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Aperlai in Turkey, Kekova resort

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The ruins of the ancient ancient city of Aperlai are located not far from Uchagyz. Previously, Aperlai was considered one of the most important trade centers of Lycia, as well as the capital of the League of Four Cities – Simena, Isinda, Apollonia and Aperlai.

In the 5th century BC. own coins were minted in the city. During the Roman era, the city reached its highest peak. In the Byzantine era, Aperlai was an important stronghold on the coast, as well as an episcopal center.

Today, the imposing fortress and ruins of the city can still be seen on a high cliff above the picturesque harbor.

In addition to a beautiful castle and the remains of a Byzantine basilica, there are also ruins of residential quarters that went down to the bottom of the harbor in the 2nd century, a Lycian necropolis, and a part of the old sidewalk has been preserved on the coast.  

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Topic: Aperlai in Turkey, Kekova resort.Aperlai in Turkey, Kekova resort

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