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Geography and Climate in Karlstad

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Karlstad is a city in the central part of Sweden, located on the banks of the Venern, the largest of Sweden's lakes. The settlement was founded at the end of the 16th century and throughout its history had the status of a provincial capital. Only in the last decades of the XX century, Karlstad began to develop in the direction of tourism, but now this city has a diverse infrastructure that attracts guests of various categories.

In addition, the city is of great importance in the Swedish education system - Karlstad is one of the largest Swedish universities, where training in multidisciplinary specialties is conducted.

Get to Karlstad from Stockholm - by bus or train. The second option will be a little faster, since the distance between cities is about 320 kilometers, and the road will be long enough.

As for the climate of Karlstad, the temperate type dominates here - relatively mild winters with short frosts, warm but short summers. The city is located in the zone where the number of sunny days is significantly less than the average in Sweden, so getting here on clear weather is a great luck.

The average July temperature is +16 ° С, short-term increases are possible during the day. From mid-June in Karlstad, the rain begins to intensify, the peak of which occurs in October. In winter, precipitation is rare, and there are no large snowfalls. The average January temperature is -5 ° С, thaws are possible. During thaw days, sleet is rarely observed.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Karlstad.Geography and Climate in Karlstad

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