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Geography and Climate in Uppsala

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Uppsala is a city in the east of Sweden, not far from Stockholm. An ancient settlement on the site of a modern city, according to some sources, is the oldest city in Sweden. Currently, Uppsala is a serious cultural and economic center in the country, annually attracting tens of thousands of tourists not only for its historical sights, but also for its modern infrastructure.

People get to Uppsala mainly by bus, intercity flights go from the Swedish capital regularly, regardless of the season and season. Another option would be a commuter train, but in practice tourists are more likely to choose buses, and if the tour includes a transfer, then they will not have to choose a means of transportation.

For those traveling on their own, the most expensive option is also possible - a taxi or a rented car. The distance of 69 kilometers between Uppsala and the Swedish capital can be covered in an hour in any case.

As for the climate, the characteristic of Uppsala differs little from the general climatic characteristics of eastern Sweden - it is a temperate zone with little influence of the sea type. The air here is more humid than in areas of central Sweden, and there are very harsh winters. On the other hand, summer is very warm, but sometimes there are frequent rains.

The average temperature in July is kept at around +21 ° C, which is already higher than a number of Swedish regions. Since the end of May, the rains intensify, so sunny weather in summer regularly alternates with precipitation. Rain is usually light, but prolonged torrential rains are rare.

The average winter temperature is -4 ° C, but the temperate climate can bring a prolonged thaw, and the snow that has fallen has time to melt, and the subsequent frost creates ice on the roads. In general, not much snow falls in winter. In Uppsala, every few years, severe frosts are recorded in late January - early February. The temperature in such cases dropped to -30 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Uppsala.Geography and Climate in Uppsala

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