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Information about Karlstad in Sweden

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Today Karlstad can be classified as a Swedish city with a developing tourist infrastructure. The general directions of tourism in the city at this stage are divided into two large types. The first is classic excursion tourism - although the city is not an open-air museum, there are enough attractions here that are suitable for sightseeing tours and detailed examination.

Karlstad could have become a more serious excursion center if not for the fire that happened in the 19th century, and destroyed a huge part of the city's historical buildings. But even since that time, enough buildings have been erected that could interest tourists.

The second direction of tourism in Karlstad is tours designed for living outside the city. Lake Venern and its surroundings have become an ideal location for the construction of suburban hotels, camping areas, and tourist centers. The city offers fishing clubs, sports organizations and simple travel agencies that offer hiking or biking around Karlstad.

The main attraction of Karlstad, as well as the only building that survived a series of fires in the 19th century, is Cathedral. It was built in 1730 in the late Baroque style. For a long time, the building remained the tallest building in Karlstad, the tower of the cathedral rises 58 meters above the ground. Today the cathedral is active, the only thing that limits services is excursions, so the main part of services is held on weekends, or on major Christian holidays.


Another important building for the city is the Stone Bridge, created in the second half of the 18th century. The bridge has several well-deserved titles that the Swedes have a lot of respect for. First, the bridge survived the worst fires that happened in the 19th century, and remains in the form in which its creators could see it, with the exception of planned reconstructions. Secondly, this bridge is officially recognized as the longest bridge in Sweden - it connects two residential areas of Karlstad. Until the end of the 20th century, a dense traffic was organized along the Stone Bridge, but recently there are only two pedestrian lanes and a roadway for public transport.

Karlstad University is one of the modern buildings in the city, designed in a modernist style. The huge orange roof of the university's main building depicts the traditional tiled roofs of Swedish houses, while the all-glass facade allows you to see the inside of the institution. Every year over 10 thousand people enter the university, which is one sixth of the total population of Karlstad. For Russian tourists, the university will be interesting for its history department, which has close ties with Russian universities.

Of the city's museums, the Vermland Museum is in greatest demand. The museum has the status of local history, although in different seasons one can see exhibitions on topics related to history and archeology. The main focus of the museum's exposition is on the history of the entire region, and not just Karlstad, therefore the exhibition halls are made as informative as possible. The exposition changes annually, absolutely identical exhibitions are not held here twice.

One of the symbols of modern Karlstad, along with the university building, is the local Ice Palace. Traditionally, a lot of residents of the city come to the matches, who do not even have much to do with sports, the local hockey team is the pride of Karlstad.

In autumn and spring, Karlstad student organizations often organize events to mark the beginning and end of the academic year. Often events are held at Stora-Torget - the main square of the city. Often young groups of tourists visit Karlstad student clubs, of which there are about ten in the city. These clubs are a favorite vacation spot not only for students, but also for all young residents of the city.


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Topic: Information about Karlstad in Sweden.Information about Karlstad in Sweden

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