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Information about Karlskrona in Sweden

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The first and main direction of tourism in Karlskrona is excursions. A city part of which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List Humanity cannot but have a consistently high influx of tourists, including from other countries. Tours are organized from the city center to the most important objects, capturing cultural institutions.

In addition, several dozens of yachts on which coastal cruises start. Take a yacht You can rent or book a walk throughout the summer and part of autumn, when weather allows you to gain good speed.  

The biggest attraction of Karlsrkruna is the whole quarter of the city, or rather one of the islands, Lindholmen. It was this part of the city that was included in the UNESCO register thanks to the preserved buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries. In front of the entrance to some of the island's objects there are checkpoints, residents of Karlskrona pass without any delays, and tourists pass only in organized groups accompanied by guide.

This island is home to a massive structure known like Wasashulet - a huge dock for construction and anchorage of ships in the winter. The very construction of the dock for the 18th century was unique as most of the ship that entered here was guarded not only from the rain, but also from the wind, allowing shipbuilders to work even in harsh winter conditions.

Nearby is the Old Shipyard, which was originally a workshop where ropes were twisted and ship cables. It was created in 1790, and this site functioned up to the 1960s, which is a kind of record for the shipyard. Structure two-story and has another record status in the country - this is the longest a building in Sweden built entirely of wood.


Another dock overlaps the records of all the buildings here. several points. Firstly, it was built in 1724, which makes it the oldest dock in the city. Secondly, most of the dock is located inside rocky hill, which provided additional protection for the ship. And third, for its time doc Polchema had unique hand pumps for pumping and pumping water, since the Baltic Sea is not subject to ebb and flow.

Both docks and the Old Shipyard on the island have closed access, without a tour guide who is a resident of Karlskrona, tourists are not allowed to enter to the territory of these World Heritage Sites. The only building with free visit is Telegraph 1910 - the first wireless communication station in Sweden.

The second most visited island by tourists Karlskrona is Stumholmen. There are no closed objects here, so see the sights of the island possible without the obligatory presence of a guide. It is from Stumholmen the history of the city began, so some of the buildings here are the most old in Karlskrona, taking into account the later restorations.

The leader in tourist visits here is the Hospital building, which was built at the beginning of the 18th century, but began to be actively used only in the period from 1780 to 1790, when as a result of the war between the Swedish crown and Russia soldiers began to die from the cholera epidemic. A little later, this building became the main hospital. Sweden, where cholera was effectively treated.

Not far from the historic prison building, which is now being actively restored, you can see the only surviving wooden aircraft in Europe hangars - this is where the first Swedish planes started.

Another interesting building in Stumholmen is the former building Boatswains Barracks. Built it was in 1847 for the residence of about five hundred Swedish sailors, but in soon the structure began to collapse and people began to live here simply dangerous. By the beginning of the 20th century, the barracks were reconstructed, turning them into a Art Gallery, which exists and to the present day.

The most visited museum in Karlskrona is the Maritime Museum. This is a unique exhibition which is organized on the island of Stumholmen, more precisely - on one of its shores. The museum building is a modern building made of glass and white stone, inside the history of the Swedish fleet, as well as photographs, paintings, tackle and elements of ships. The exhibition is not limited to the halls of the museum - from three sides to the museum various ships are moored, including modern sailboats.

Museum of Local Lore Karlskrona provides city guests with a complete history of the development of the region. It is noteworthy that the museum exhibits are scattered across several buildings, which were built no later than the 19th century.

The museum is adjacent to the Rybnaya squares - another attraction of the city. The name of this place appeared almost since the founding of Karskrona, when fish were sold here local residents. Since the middle of the XX century, all trade is prohibited here, the only a reminder of this is the statue of the Merchant fish, with which tourists often like to take pictures.

Another interesting museum in the city is the Leonardo da Vinci Museum. Founded this museum local entrepreneur who has bought original paintings for many years artists of the Renaissance. Leonardo's own works are not here, there is only one painting that is only attributed to the brush of the great master, but visit the museum still worth it. At the exit from the museum you can see the gates of Gogland Park - this is a favorite resting place for the inhabitants of Karlskrona famous for its sculptures.



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