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Geography and Climate of Honolulu

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Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, located on the southeast coast of the local island of Oahu. This major center for business, trade, tourism and culture is much more reminiscent of the rest of the United States of America than an archipelago in Hawaii.

Honolulu has long been nicknamed the city of skyscrapers and thousands of faces, as if with a hint of New York.

Translated from Hawaiian"honolulu" means"secluded bay". This is indeed a favorite bay for visitors and guests of the state, closed from hurricanes and ocean storms, one of the most popular resort areas in Hawaii: here the most exquisite nature, the most delicate golden-white sand, a special mild microclimate, endless ocean blue and luxury hotels that replace each other. friend with breathtaking brightness.

The most convenient way to get to Honolulu is by plane - Honolulu International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States. You can fly from Moscow by Aeroflot by flights Moscow - Frankfurt - Los Angeles - Honolulu or Moscow - New York - Los Angeles - Honolulu. There is another way: to get by any means to Los Angeles, and then a 5.5-hour flight to Honolulu on the planes of the local airline United Airlines.

The Hawaiian archipelago is located in the zone of dominance of a tropical climate: the average annual temperature in summer the season reaches + 32 ° C, the average annual temperature in the winter season is + 21 ° C. It is extremely rare that the temperature here rises above + 32 ° C and falls below +16 ° C. Honolulu is the rainy season from October to April. The minimum water temperature is about + 22.5 ° C in winter, in summer and autumn, ocean waters reach temperatures up to + 28 ° C.

Time in Honolulu is 14 hours behind Moscow.

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Topic: Geography and Climate of Honolulu.Geography and Climate of Honolulu

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