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Geography and Climate in Cesme

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  The city of Cesme, located on the peninsula of the same name, is one of the most famous resorts not only in Turkey, but also on the entire coast of the Aegean Sea. Cesme is located about 80 km from the second largest port in Turkey - Izmir and 15 km from the Greek island of Chios. The population of the city in 2008 was about 32,000 people. You can get to Cesme from the same Izmir, where the international airport and a major railway junction are located, as well as from Ankara and Istanbul by bus, but the trip in this case risks being delayed for 7-8 hours. Cesme time zone UTC + 2 in winter, UTC + 3 in summer.

The climate of Cesme is Mediterranean: with long summers lasting from March to early November, and mild winters, which are characterized by rains (though infrequent) and cool sea wind. The average annual sea temperature is around 19 °, which makes swimming and water sports possible even in colder months. The air temperature in summer is 32 °, but in winter the thermometer does not drop below 11 °.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Cesme.Geography and Climate in Cesme

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