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Geography and Climate in Telce

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Telc is a city in the southern part of the Czech Republic, famous as one of the few cities-museums in the country. The historical part of Telc with all the buildings located in it is included by UNESCO in the list of World Heritage of Humanity. According to the latest data, about 5.5 thousand people lived in the city. Due to the low birth rate and small influx of immigrants, the population may be shrinking.

From the Czech capital to Telc, tourist buses cover a distance of 160 kilometers. The main problem is that if the tour to Telc is not prescribed in advance in the itinerary, then getting to it will be somewhat problematic. The fact is that direct intercity flights from Prague do not go to Telc every day, most often these are flights to Brno. The distance is covered on average in two and a half hours.

Another option would be a route from Brno. The second largest city in the Czech Republic is separated from Telc by a distance of 120 kilometers by motorways, the travel time by bus will take less than two hours. It is worth knowing that the bus station is located on the outskirts of the city and you will have to walk from it to the main attractions, fortunately, this distance is overcome in ten minutes of a slow step. The city does not have a railway station due to its small area and exclusively tourist value.

The climatic characteristics of Telc differ little from the general characteristics of the temperate continental zone. Winters here with little snow, but cool, relatively high humidity makes itself felt at the slightest temperature fluctuation. The off-season is mild and not too rainy, while in summer there can be heavy rains, but they are replaced by warm, sometimes even hot temperatures.

In summer, the thermometer can be kept at +25 ° C, this is also considered the average temperature in July. The number of sunny days in the summer months is approximately the same. This is not to say that hot and sunny weather prevails here, Telc is rather characterized by a smooth transition between rainy and dry days.

The coldest month of the year is February, the average temperature is kept to -5 ° С, there may be sharper cold snaps, but they are short-lived. Cold snap below -10 ° C is considered abnormal, but such frosts occur here no more than once every few years.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Telce.Geography and Climate in Telce

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