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Old town in the Czech Republic, Telc spa

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The exact date of the origin of the city of Telc is still not known for certain. According to local legend, in 1099, after the crushing victory of the Moravian prince Ota II over the Czech Bretislav, a chapel was founded on this place. Later, a church and a village appeared here, which gradually began to grow.

Historical documents contain only information about the residence of the royal administration, located on the place where the trade routes previously crossed, and the fortified estate with a rotunda in the Romanesque style. In those days, the estate was the economic center of the region. In the XIII century, the land around the estate began to be built up, and as a result, the Old Town appeared.

The growth of the city took place on a hillock surrounded by ponds. The Humpoletskaya trade trail, passing under the market, crossed the city ramparts in two places. Then there was only one real street in the city, after which one of the surrounding poods was named, which still bears the name Ulitsky.

In 1339, the Telc estate was given to the Emperor Jan of Luxembourg to Oldrich from Hradec.

In the 16th century the city reached its greatest construction scope. In 1530, a terrible fire broke out in the city, which destroyed the entire southern part of the square. Residential buildings were repaired almost immediately.

The most significant architectural changes in the city took place in the middle of the 16th century.

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Topic: Old town in the Czech Republic, Telc spa.Old town in the Czech Republic, Telc spa

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