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Geography and Climate in Harkani

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Harkan – it is a forest-steppe balneotherapy resort located at an altitude of 200 meters. At a distance of 25 kilometers north of it is the town of Pecs, and only 8 kilometers from the resort lies the border between Hungary and Croatia.

You can get to Harkany from Pecs by bus or car. Buses and trains run to Pecs from Budapest. It takes three hours by train.


The climate is Mediterranean, with very mild winters and sunny warm summer. The temperature in January almost never drops below zero and stays at +2 ° C. The temperature in summer averages +25 °; S. Precipitation falls 707 millimeters per year. There are approximately 2,100 hours of sunshine a year and ndash; 2200. The resort owes such a mild climate to the Villan low-mountain range, which protects it from the winds from the north. The resort is distinguished by early spring and long warm autumn.

Time in Harkani is three hours behind Moscow time.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Harkani.Geography and Climate in Harkani

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