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Geography and climate in Brest

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Geography and climate

Brest is located in the southwest of Belarus, right on the border with Poland. The distance from Brest to the capital of the country, Minsk, is about 350 kilometers. The Mukhavets river flows through the city.

The climate in Brest is continental, temperate. Due to the influence of air masses, the winter in the city is rather mild, and the summer is warm. The reason for this climate is cyclones moving from west to east from the Atlantic Ocean. In January, the average temperature is -5 ° С, and in July: +19 ° С. Average annual precipitation is 550 mm.

Since the city is located in close proximity to Poland, you can get from this country to Brest by train. The journey takes 20 minutes.

In general, you can get to Brest by train from almost anywhere - this city is the largest transport hub in the country.

You can also get to the city by bus. In addition to 200 daily suburban flights, the Brest bus station receives more than 50 international buses every day.

At a distance of 12 kilometers from the city is the airport"Brest-2". You can get to the city by plane from Russia, Poland or other cities of the country.

Time in winter is 2 hours behind Moscow time, in summer - by an hour.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Brest.Geography and climate in Brest

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