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Geography and Climate in Orlando

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Orlando is a city of entertainment and vibrant pastime, the second most popular city after Las Vegas. It is located in the central part of Florida among the picturesque hills and lakes. It is a city of space technology and radio electronics, but its main purpose is the infrastructure of active entertainment for the whole family.

The city was founded in 1843, but began its development in 1971, when the first entertainment park was opened. Then, on 11 thousand hectares of swamps, the fabulous town of Walt Disney World arose, which today, today, is recognized as one of the best Disney parks in the world. More than 80 parks every year attract nearly 50 million tourists to Orlando.

Orlando can be reached from the international airport, located half an hour from the city center. You can also get here by land transport - bus, train and car - from other cities in the United States.

Orlando's climate is temperate, subtropical, with humid summers and warm winters. Most of the precipitation falls in the summer, the rainy season lasts from May to September. During the rest of the year, temperatures are moderate, with short cool periods. The average temperature in the winter season is +22 ° C, in the summer season - +33 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 128 centimeters. Winter is dry, summer is hot.

Time in Orlando is 9 hours behind Moscow time.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Orlando.Geography and Climate in Orlando

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