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USA first the country in the world where the most famous amusement park for the whole family appeared - Disneyland. Today you can plunge into the world of fairy tales in America in two such parks: Disneyland in Florida and in California.

Disneyland Florida is the largest in the world.

This famous brand park is the largest Disneyland in the world and is located a couple of dozen kilometers from Orlando, Florida. It has been delighting the public since 1971. Unfortunately, Walt Disney did not find his grandiose creation , the park opened five years after his death. Florida was already a popular tourist destination at that time, and an amusement park in this state became a very logical decision.

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The park is extremely huge, it is divided into several parts, including the Magic Kingdom, Export, Disney Hollywood Film Studio, Animal Kingdom, two water parks and a circus. The Magic Kingdom deserves special attention, this area is so huge that it is divided into seven thematic zones, with forty-seven impressive attractions. The Magic Kingdom alone is visited annually by over 16 million people. In the center of this park is the Cinderella Castle, which is familiar to every child from the company's cartoons. The castle was built using a unique optical illusion technology that visually increases its height. The territory of Disneyland in Florida covers 11,300 hectares of land, it is such a small independent state, where there is all the necessary infrastructure: transport, hotels, catering establishments, police. The streets are constantly filled with heroes of your favorite cartoons who organize parades. Tourists move around the park in bright trailers by rail. The central square of the park is decorated with a bronze statue of Walt Disney along with Mickey Mouse.
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Disneyland in California is the oldest in the world.

For the first time the world has plunged into the atmosphere of childhood and celebration in 1955, it was then that Walt Disney opened his first theme park in the California town of Anaheim, which is near Los Angeles. The creation became the embodiment of the great creator's lifelong dream of a huge theme park. The park was a resounding success, tourists from all over the world flocked here to spend their holidays with their families. For more than half a century, a park in California has been pleasing its millions of visitors with its fabulous atmosphere. It has eight thematic zones, some of which were later implemented in other parks under the famous brand. These are Main Street, Adventure World, Fantasy Land, Western Age, Future Land, New Orleans Square, Animal World, and Multown Mickey. Each zone has its own unique atmosphere: a typical Midwest town of the early 20th century awaits you on Main Street, Adventure World will plunge visitors into the exotic jungles of the tropics of Asia and Africa, South America and Oceania, New Orleans Square recreates the atmosphere of the city of the same name at the end of the twentieth century through music and architecture (here you can also go to meet the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow). Children will find the Multown Mickey area particularly attractive - here they will meet their favorite cartoon characters and take pictures with them.

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