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US Orlando Resort Information

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There are more than 5 thousand restaurants in Orlando where you can taste dishes of different world cuisines. There are also many cozy cafes and restaurants with theatrical performances.

For shopping lovers, there are more than 1300 different shops and 9 large shopping centers designed for different income levels and taste preferences.

In and around Orlando there are about 80 parks and 2000 reservoirs, which allows you to practice different sports: canoe, rafting, swimming, cycling, horse riding, golf, tennis, diving and many others.

In addition to Disneyland, Orlando has many others attractions.

Harry P. Leu Gardens Park is an oasis of unique nature - there are thickets of bamboo, camellias and roses, palm groves, rare tropical plants and butterfly gardens.

Busch Gardens Africa will introduce you to nature's hot Africa, mini-safaris are held here. Adventure Park Sea World will introduce amazing underwater world, and Discovery Cave will show colorful exotic birds and an original show with dolphins.

The main tourist street of the city is International Drive, along it houses shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers, and also golf courses, a water park and a modern congress center.

Among other interesting places it is worth visiting the zoo Central Florida, John Young Museum and Planetarium, Museum of Art and Loch Haven Center for the Arts.

Nightlife in Orlando is diverse and colorfulness. There are many pubs, bars, nightclubs and discos here, located often on the central city streets - Church Street, Orange Avenue, Pine Street, Magnolia Street and Central Boulevard.


Disney World

The creator is Walt Disney, an American film director and animator. Disney is the creator of the first sound film, and also the first full-length and musical cartoon. For my life Disney directed 111 films and produced 576 works.

Once he decided to create a place that would be interesting for adults, and children. The first Disneyland opened in California on July 17, 1955. Behind the first quarter of a century of existence, the park was visited by more than 200 million people. IN 1963, a genius cartoonist set about implementing a great idea - he bought a piece of land in Florida and started building a park here that was named The Walt Disney World and opened in October 1971.

Magic Kingdom

The park is located on the shores of the lake and looks like Disneyland in California. It is the most popular theme park in Florida - in a year visited by over 20 million tourists. Here is the best roller coaster - "Thunder Mountain" and"Space Mountain".

Epcot Center

In the first part of the park, you can fly in space, ride on the Time Machine, explore the city of the future, equipped with high technologies and go on a journey through the human body. Another part of Epcot Park Center is dedicated to the cultural heritage of eleven countries of the world. There are miniatures of the most important architectural monuments and much more.

Animal Kingdom

This is a theme park dedicated to environmental protection environment and fauna. It is divided into zones. The first of them is"Africa", where you can see hippos, giraffes, lions and rhinos in the habitat, close to the natural environment. The other is"Island of Discovery", where flamingos live, porcupines, kangaroos and lemurs; The last zone -"Asia" - is unique and very an interesting place where you can take a trip into the wilds of the Royal Forest, where the rarest animals live, as well as see the stormy river waters and take a ride on them.

MGM Studio

In this park you can take part in famous films. You see the real"Indiana Jones", you will fall from the height of a huge house from "Twilight Zone" and so on.


Swimming at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon near sharks, cross a river on a raft, learn to surf and slide down from big, breathtaking roller coasters.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Studios theme park opens in town Orlando in 1990. Here you can find yourself on a huge set Universal Studios Florida studios, as well as visit various shows and attractions, caught up in the action of popular films.

This is one of the most stunning parks in the country. Here you can ride in a carriage with Donkey and Shrek, fly in a time machine from the trilogy of films"Back into the future", make an interplanetary journey and fight with representatives of other civilizations. The Fear Factor attraction will make you feel under by typhoon and earthquake.

Harry Potter Park

Here you can see scenes from the famous Harry Potter films Potter, created with computer effects, and characters. Here there is a prototype of the Hogwarts castle, as well as the Forbidden Forest, a magical the Hogwarts Express train, on which the famous wizards got to schools of Witchcraft and Witchcraft.

At Hogwarts Castle there is a roller coaster “World wizards. The village of Hogsmeade, reproduced from books and films, has shops and restaurants where you can have a delicious lunch and buy things with symbols Harry Potter and Hogwarts School.

Sea World

This place is the largest oceanarium where you can see land and sea animals, attend a show with amazing dolphins, whales and seals. There is also an underground an aquarium with sharks surrounded by various attractions. It is known that exactly here are raised and trained animals that starred in the film"Flipper".

Cypress Gardens

Located in the suburbs of Orlando, this botanical garden first opened in 1936. The magnificence of 8 thousand awaits you here varieties of plants, as well as mini-gardens of different times and countries of the world. IN The Wings of Wonder Pavilion is home to about 50 species of butterflies from around the world. In the park ice shows, water skiing performances and flower festivals are held.

John Young Planetarium

The planetarium is located inside the huge dome of the scientific center in Orlando. On a huge screen, demonstration screenings of films about the Universe.

La Nouba

Only in the park located in Orlando entertainment Walt Disney World show"La Nouba" of the famous circus du Soleil. This is the circus of the future - a real colorful and grandiose theatrical performance, a world of stunningly complex circus tricks on flying trapeze and brilliant choreographic numbers.

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