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Geography and Climate in Linkoping

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Linkoping is an old town in Sweden, located in the southeastern region of the country, not far from the large freshwater lake Roxen. The official date of foundation of the city is 1287, however, there is evidence that settlements on the site of the future city arose much earlier. From the first centuries of its existence to the present day, Linkoping is considered one of the largest commercial and industrial centers in Sweden - the busiest trade routes in Scandinavia pass through the city.

They get to Linkoping from Stockholm. The distance between the city and the Swedish capital along the shortest routes is about 220 kilometers, so there will be two ways for tourists to get there - by bus or by train.

Buses run more often, since between cities there is not only passenger, but also freight traffic, the only disadvantage of this type of transport will be frequent stops and longer travel times.

The train to Linkoping takes about an hour and a half with a minimum number of stops, the main disadvantage of this method of travel is that there are long time intervals between train runs, especially in winter.

The climate in Linkoping is a typical characteristic temperate zone. Unlike Stockholm, the influence of the sea climate is practically not felt here, which gives a slightly longer and warmer summer, especially relative to other northern regions. The winter is cool here, but without sharp jumps in temperature, severe frosts in the city are considered abnormal cold.

The warmest month is July, the average thermometer at this time is kept at around +18 ° С; in clear weather, an increase is possible. Rains are infrequent, although cloudy weather begins to prevail by mid-August. In winter, the average temperature will be -4 ° С, cold snaps are possible in the evening and at night.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Linkoping.Geography and Climate in Linkoping

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