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Geography and Climate of Lund

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Lund is one of the largest cities in southern Sweden, located on the border with Denmark. For many years this territory was controversial, which could not but affect the history of Lund. This is an old city, currently one of the main cultural centers not only in the southern region, but throughout Sweden - one of the strongest universities in Scandinavia is located in Lund, so one tenth of the city's population are students.

Get to Lund is easiest from Stockholm, although when touring several Scandinavian countries, flights from Denmark are also possible. When traveling from the Swedish capital, the most advantageous in terms of price will be a train flight. The distance between the cities is about 610 kilometers, so the train, depending on the route, can take up to 8 hours. Bus routes, those traveling in the same direction take several hours longer.

Lund does not have its own airport, but local residents and travel companies use several neighboring runways for charter flights. Swedes use Copenhagen airport to travel to the Danish capital by train, and tourists are usually taken either to Malmo or Hassland airport. The latter airport currently receives mostly only private flights.

Lund, like the larger Malmo, is located in the warmest zone of the temperate latitudes of Sweden. Even for the winter months, freezing temperatures, and even more so - snowfalls, is an anomalous phenomenon that leads to problems for the indigenous people. The proximity to the sea coast gives a strong influence of the marine type of climate, which is expressed in increased air humidity.

In summer, the average temperature is kept at around +20 ° C, so from May to August there is an influx of Swedes from more severe regions in the city. There is a lot of precipitation; in three months of summer, up to 80% of the average annual rate falls in the form of rain. The peak of rainfall occurs in late July - early August.

Winter in Lund is warm and often with little snow. Snowfalls and frosts are immediately perceived as distress signals, and on such days the city literally freezes. The average January is +2 ° С.


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Topic: Geography and Climate of Lund.Geography and Climate of Lund

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