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Whiteface. Recreation and entertainment

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Belolasica is one of the most famous ski resorts in Croatia. The ski slopes of the resort are equipped according to all criteria of the world standard.

There are three slopes of varying difficulty and length: Gomirkovitsa - the length of the slope is 1200 meters (red), Belolasitsa - 1700 meters long (red) and Vrelo - 1540 meters long slope (black). Croatian skiers train on these slopes.

There are also two children's slopes Livada 1 and Livada 2 and short slopes for beginners Haiducica 1 and 2 and Vilinska Draga.


Three lifts go from the foot of the mountain to the top: the first one rises to a height of 1070 meters - there is a restaurant here; the second - to the Gomirkovitsa track and the children's tracks Livada 1,2; the third ascends to the summit, to an altitude of 1400 meters, from where an excellent view of the surrounding mountain ranges opens.

The tracks are well equipped and quite wide. The only problem here is the infrequent south wind, which melts the snow. Modern equipment and special machines quickly solve this problem.

Tow-bar and chair lifts, a ski school, and sports equipment rental are always at the disposal of guests.

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Topic: Whiteface. Recreation and entertainment.Whiteface. Recreation and entertainment

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