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San Diego USA Resort Information

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San Diego has many cafes and restaurants where you can taste dishes of different cuisines of the world, ranging from simple and ending with exquisite.

Shopping here is also good, be sure to visit the local shopping centers, shops and outlets, where there are goods for the most discerning taste.

While in the city, take a walk through the old part, visit the quarter of gas lamps, where many buildings from the 20th century are located, bars and art galleries. The main tourist point here is the sea a museum with a large exposition with old ships, the Medea yacht, a ferry Berkeley, Star-of-India and maritime data.

Popular local museums - Museum of Man, Automotive Museum of San Diego, Museum of Natural History, Space Museum, Museum of Art Timkin, where Russian and European art is collected, Steven's Aquarium Museum Bircha and the Museum of Modern Art.

The San Diego Zoo is very popular, which is one of the best in the world, which includes more than 20 thematic mini-parks and Wild Park in Escondido, 50 kilometers north of the city. Also popular are Legoland, Balboa and Sea World parks.


Sea World

This is a large theme park dedicated to ocean inhabitants from the Antarctic to the Arctic. There are coastal birds here, for example penguins and flamingos, aquariums with representatives of the underwater world, on the water the stadium hosts Shamu Stadium   - shows with dolphins and killer whales, and also a cable car and several water attractions.

In addition, here you can interact with penguins, swim with dolphins, shop for souvenirs and dine at the lovely local restaurants.

Balboa Park

This is an old city park located in the heart of San Diego. There are 15 museums here: railway, photography, anthropological, natural sciences, aviation and space, artistic and a lot others. The old theater"Globus" is also located here, which is an accurate a copy of Shakespeare's theater, known all over the world.


Legoland Park was first opened in 1999. It is located in 30   kilometers from San Diego, in the small cozy town of Carlsbad. Here are held enchanting shows and excellent attractions for the whole family, as well as collected realistic cities:"pirate coast","adventure country", mini-land of the USA, "Knightly kingdom" and many others.

Coronado Island & Hotel Del Coronado

The history of Coronado Island dates back to the 17th century, when explorer from Spain Sebastian Vizcaino noticed a group of islands nearby off the coast of southern California and gave them the name Coronados. Amazingly beautiful the streets of the island, its sandy beaches, where you can relax and unwind - all this makes the island a unique tourist destination.

Coronado is connected to the south side of San Diego by the good Silver Highway Strand, stretching past pristine beaches and secluded lagoons. To get in in Coronado, take the Coronado Bridge or use the departures from Downtown by ferry.

The Coronado Bridge offers panoramic views of Downtown. One of the main decorations of the island is the Hotel Del Coronado, built in 1888 year and is recognized as one of the oldest hotels on the west coast of the country. Building hotel is a historical monument of federal significance, as well as a symbol San Diego. Tourists from Russia will recognize it as an object from the film “Only in Jazz girls ”, which was filmed here.

Mission Valley

The old town, located near the base of the hill Presidio, preserved the Spanish and Mexican traditions of Southern California and is a memory of the early days of San Diego.

When this place was only a trading port and Spanish fort. In our time, this is a small unity of the Indian, Spanish and Mexican cultures. Here you can taste the real"Margarita". In the Old Town there are restaurants of Mexican cuisine, each element of their decor, the aroma of the dish and the general the atmosphere is unlike anything else.

The first local cemetery, church, brick building and even the House of Ghosts is a place for real extreme lovers and thrill-seekers.

Mission Valley is located next to the Old Town, reflecting the complete contrast of calm and modern time pressure: along the San Diego River there are many shopping establishments, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other places.

Point Loma

The small peninsula of Point Loma is a historic site where 1542 the first European, the navigator from Spain Rodriguez, landed Cabrillo. It is from here that the whole history of the city of San Diego originates. In place the landing of Cabrillo in 1913, a historical and cultural reserve appears, and by 1939 a monument in his honor is being built here, the author of which is sculptor from Portugal Alvaro de Brei.

This rather high point offers a gorgeous view of Downtown and San Diego Bay, and all the coast to Mexico, okay noticeable in clear daytime. During the winter season, this place is ideal for watch migrating whales in close proximity to the animals themselves. Also worth seeing is Ocean Beach and the beautiful Sunset Cliffs stretching to the ocean, a Portuguese fishing village and located on the side of the bay berths for yachts. At the highest point of the Point Loma Peninsula is an old lighthouse, built back in 1854, along which group excursions are conducted for tourists.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

Marine Corps Miramar used to belong to Navy of America, it was once the seat of the Top Gun flight school, the famous thanks to the film of the same name, where the main role was played by actor Tom Cruise. After transferring it to the Marine Corps, the base hosts the Miramar Air aviation show in October Show featuring the famous US Navy Demonstration Team"Blue Angels". Every year this show is visited by over half a million viewers from all over world.

On Independence Day, the Marine Corps spends on the island of Coronado demonstration performances with explosions, shooting and airborne assault and helicopters.

An open-air museum has been opened at the Marine Corps base, where collected about 20 aircraft, ranging from propeller aircraft times World War II to modern helicopters and jet vehicles like F-18. Frequent excursions take place at Miramar.

Anza Borrego Desert State Park

Anza Borrego Desert is one of the largest desert reserves in the continental United States. The park is located to east of San Diego, near Lake Salton, about a couple of hours from town. it - a real desert with cacti that are human-sized, its cross 200 kilometers of excursion routes and 800 kilometers of unpaved roads. Considered the ideal time to visit the Anza-Borego Nature Reserve is the period from January to March when the desert blooms and looks great. Tourists from all over the world come here at this time.

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