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Geography and climate in Innsbruck

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Geography and climate

The federal state of Tyrol, of which Innsbruck is the capital, is rightfully considered the 'heart of the Alps'.   Here is about   six hundred mountain   peaks over 3000 meters and 5 glaciers.

The city of Innsbruck is located at the confluence of two rivers - Inn and Schill.

Innsbruck's time zone: GMT +1 (-2 hours to Moscow).


Innsbruck can be easily reached by train from any European capital ... In 10 minutes drive from Innsbruck is the airport, besides – here in 2.5 hours you can get from Munich airport.

The climate in Innsbruck is moderately warm, Central European, somewhat milder than in the rest of Austria.

The average daily temperature in January is   -1.8 ° C, the average temperature in   July: +18 , 4 ° С.



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Topic: Geography and climate in Innsbruck.Geography and climate in Innsbruck

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