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Geography and climate in Tarnabu-Hemavan

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Geography and   Climate

Two excellent ski resorts Tarnabu and   Hemavan are located just   20   kilometers from each   in   northern part of Sweden.

The climate in the   resorts is dominated by mountainous temperate, the temperature of January in   average is -7 ...- 12 ° C.

In summer it is quite warm here, the average temperature in July is +14 ... + 19 ° C.

Hemavan has its own airport, which receives regular flights from   the capital of Sweden   - Stockholm. You can also get to the   resorts by making a border crossing from   Vaalimaa to   Vaasa (520   kilometers), then follows the ferry to   Umea,

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Topic: Geography and climate in Tarnabu-Hemavan.Geography and climate in Tarnabu-Hemavan

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