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Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt, Cairo resort

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Pyramid of Djoser – it is the oldest known stone building on Earth that has survived to this day. Unlike the Great Pyramids at Giza, it – stepped. The pyramid was built in Sakkara (near Cairo) in the 27th century BC. e. Imhotep   in order to bury Pharaoh Djoser there.

This is the very first of all the pyramids in Egypt consists of 6 steps. It was originally 62 meters high and covered with white limestone. Now almost all of the outer coating has come off, and the masonry was badly damaged. Even with the naked eye, you can see that many stones are missing. Therefore, it is best to look at the pyramid from the east side. It is from this perspective that the pyramid has the most attractive view.

The inside of the pyramid is trimmed not with stone, but with clay bricks, reeds and wood.

The tomb in which the pharaoh is buried is at a depth of 28 meters. The shaft leading to the tomb is littered with a huge block weighing three tons, but it can still be accessed through numerous corridors. Their total length is – more than six kilometers.

Around the pyramid itself once stood a wall 10.5 meters high. It imitated 15 gates, of which only one was a real entrance. This entrance is a corridor formed by a colonnade and a roof above it. Now the wall that once surrounded the pyramid has been partially restored.

  Scientists claim that the pyramid was built in several stages. At first they wanted to make it very small, then they added it to four steps. In the end, they decided to raise it to six. The last two   the steps made the structure look like the pyramids we are used to. Then it was Djoser's pyramid that later served as a model for the construction of all the other Egyptian pyramids.

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Topic: Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt, Cairo resort.Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt, Cairo resort

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