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Medical resorts in Israel

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Resting in the resorts of Israel, you can not only to get aesthetic pleasure from acquaintance with the culture and traditions of this country, but also to improve your health at health resorts.

Israeli medicine has a high level, therefore it is known all over the world. In the country's clinics, the most complex tests are performed and accurate diagnostics are performed. The country produces high quality medicines. Israeli medicine is following the path of developing alternative medicine using the latest technologies. The country has created modern medical institutions with perfect equipment and a staff of highly qualified doctors and medical workers.

Many of Israel's health resorts have international fame. Thanks to unique natural factors and achievements in spa treatment, many diseases are cured here, which in other places are treated only with the help of medicines. The main focus in Israeli hospitals is the treatment of various skin diseases, diseases associated with the functions of the musculoskeletal system and diseases of the respiratory organs. The sanatoriums in Israel provide excellent service and comfort.

Most of the medical resorts are located on the shores of the Dead Sea. The basis of recovery at these resorts is the unique climatic conditions: low humidity, high air temperature, harmless ultraviolet radiation. In addition, the water of the Dead Sea has healing properties, since it has a unique chemical composition, the entire chemical periodic table is present in it. Hot springs, as well as hydrogen sulfide muds of this area, which contain a large amount of minerals and organic components, have no less healing properties.Image

Healing mud

People with ENT pathologies, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, various skin diseases, chronic bronchitis, allergies, endocrinological pathologies are usually treated at the Dead Sea resorts ... The Dead Sea resorts offer wellness treatments to treat infantile cerebral palsy. It offers a wide variety of health and wellness procedures, consisting of sea bathing and bathing in pools filled with thermal water, inhalation, procedures using products of the Dead Sea, balneotherapy, mud treatment.

Recently, in addition to the usual treatment programs, anti-stress therapy programs have appeared. high efficiency. They are used to combat depression, chronic fatigue syndrome. At the same time, they use mud applications, various types of massage (including shiatsu massage). Green clay is used in cosmetic procedures. These procedures nourish, tighten and rejuvenate the skin.

Arad resort is located 30 kilometers from the Dead Sea, where chronic bronchitis and asthma are treated. It is also recommended to come here for the treatment of skin diseases, nervous system disorders and arthritis. The resort is located in the Judean Desert at an altitude of 640 meters above sea level on a mountain plateau. It is attractive that there is no sweltering heat during the day, but pure mountain air is abundant. Almost all sanatoriums are equipped with Medical Wellness Centers. Treatment mainly consists of massages, inhalations, soothing baths, mud applications and anti-stress programs. Programs aimed at treating the face and body are popular among tourists.Image


Many health resorts of the country are located near the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret), which is located in the Lower Galilee, at a distance of 200 kilometers from Jerusalem. The region has lush vegetation, clean, well-groomed beaches, as well as architectural historical monuments in the form of Roman ruins. On the shores of Lake Kinneret, there are many hot springs with water containing a lot of salts and sulfur, which are used to treat pain in joints, diseases of the digestive and urinary systems, skin regeneration.

Such resorts of Kinneret as: Tiberias and Hamat Gader. In addition to treatment, in these resorts you can visit the main Christian shrines, this is one of the reasons for their popularity. In the wellness centers of these resorts, treatment is carried out by swimming in pools filled with thermal mineral water, baths with a relaxing effect, jacuzzi, various types of therapeutic massages are also used, as well as alternative medicine procedures.Image
The Ein Gedi resort is famous for its sulfur baths. It treats ENT pathologies, psoriatic arthritis, respiratory and gastrointestinal tract diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and also treats inflammation of the joints and spine.

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Topic: Medical resorts in Israel.Medical resorts in Israel

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