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Tilos Island in Greece

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Tylos – Greek island located in the Aegean Sea is part of the Dodecanese archipelago (Southern Sporades). You can get to Tilos by ferry. Ferries leave here from Piraeus, Rafina, as well as from the Cyclades, Crete and Rhodes.

In addition to the stunning beauty of the scenery, the island is rich in cultural and historical sights. Here you can visit the basilica , the construction of which dates back to the early Christian period, the ruins of the Agriosikia fortress , built in the Middle Ages, as well as the most beautiful Church of the Virgin on the territory of Misoskali .

Not far from it is another small church & ndash; St. Nicholas, frescoes of the 13th century have survived to this day.

In the eastern part of the island there is a Temple of Taxiarch of Lifos with beautiful frescoes dating from the 16th century. And in the northwest of Tilos there are two more churches: the Savior and the Immaculate Conception . The elements of the interior design of the Savior Church belong to the 18th century, and the Church of the Immaculate Conception   - by the 15th century.

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Topic: Tilos Island in Greece.Tilos Island in Greece

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