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Brittany. Recreation and entertainment

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Brittany is the birthplace of thalassotherapy, that is,"treatment by the sea." The combination of the sea climate and sea water, which is heated to the temperature of the human body, is the essence of this treatment method. Thalassotherapy is used to treat and prevent a large number of diseases.

The first thalassotherapy center was founded in Brittany in the 19th century, now there are several such centers. Treatment in them is carried out under the strict supervision of specialists. Indications for treatment: stress, insomnia, fatigue, joint diseases, respiratory diseases, overweight, cellulite and a number of other diseases.

The cuisine of Brittany is well known in France and beyond.

The bulk of Brittany's cuisine is, of course, seafood. No meal is complete without the freshest fish or lobster, crabs, oysters and other seafood. The main meat dish is lamb, which is salted in sea water using a special technology.

Brittany pancakes are far from the last place in the cuisine of this region. No yeast is used in the baking dough for these pancakes. Pancakes are made from buckwheat flour. Wheat is usually served for dessert.

Cider - apple wine - the most popular alcoholic drink in Brittany. Almost on a par with it is the honey drink"shushenn", which was popular among the ancient Celts.



Rennes is the capital of this French province, a city famous for its architecture and especially the Parliament building.

Saint-Malo is a resort town-port, which is located at the mouth of the Rane River. Here is the Cathedral of Saint-Vincent, considered the most ancient building preserved in Brittany.

Dinard is a city that is famous for its cultural life. Festivals are held here all year round, with art galleries, casinos and theaters open. There is also a thalassotherapy center where you can relax and spend time with health benefits. In the city center three times a week, a large fair is held, where local vegetables and seafood are located next to the clothes of famous brands, which are sold literally at half price.

Another well-known place is Forest of Brosseliand. It was here, according to Celtic legends and legends, that the abodes of King Arthur, Merlin and the fairy Viviana were located.

Brittany is also famous for its magnificent coastlines, such as the Coast of Pink Granite, which is essentially a pile of rocks, which in the rays of the setting sun are painted in various shades of pink, and the Emerald Coast, which is located near the city of the corsairs of Saint-Malo and is named so due to the color of the Atlantic Ocean. It is at this coast that the waters acquire a delicate emerald hue.


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