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Lanta. Recreation and entertainment

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Lanta resort today is at the very beginning of its development. Here you will not find high-rise buildings and megalopolises, since it is forbidden by the island's law to build houses higher than palm trees. Communication with Thailand and other islands of the country is via ferry service.

Lanta is famous for its secluded beaches, clean sand, abundance of tropical fruits and wild pristine nature. Even a mobile phone works here only from special high-altitude platforms.

The north of the island is considered the most developed part of the resort. It is here that there is a small street with several restaurants, shops, a bank and a fruit market. Hotels on Lanta are small and cozy.

The water world around the island has been declared a protected area, and coral reefs will appeal to fans of diving.

There are four beaches on the island.

The most popular is the northern one Klong Dao beach, 3 km long. It is ideal for families with children.

The 4 km long Long Beach will appeal to fans of water sports.

Klong Hong beach is convenient for scuba diving.

A Klong Hing surrounded by tropical gardens will wait for those seeking privacy.


Cultural sites

Among the attractions of the Lanta resort, be sure to visit the orchid farm, which contains several thousand exotic plants. As part of the excursion, you will explore the Mai-Kaeo labyrinth cave, the entrance to which was found only after a fire on the island.

Walk through the"Village of Sea Gypsies", which is located in the south of the east coast. Its inhabitants still live exclusively by fishing.

On the territory of Lanta-Yai National Park, take a look at Tiger's Cave, which got its name from the image of a tiger on the walls inside it.

You can touch the history of the island by visiting the Old Town of Lanta (Ban Si Raya),

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Topic: Lanta. Recreation and entertainment.Lanta. Recreation and entertainment

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